Lean Green Fighting Machine Juicing Recipe

I once ran across two quotes – one: “clean the environment in which your cells bathe in” and two: “you can’t heal in the environment in which made you sick”.

That’s what 2020 has been all about. Changes for the better. And over the past year, I’ve saved up money and collected an array of good quality products to help achieve my health goals 🥳 one being a juicer!

Such a rookie but just made the best juice ever!

Just wanted to share some pros of juicing that I’ve researched.

  • it’s easy to extract a high amount of nutrients and vitamins into a glass of juice than it is to munch down on some leafy greens (hey toddler, there’s going to be hidden kale in your juice 🙂
  • Because all the fiber is taken out of the fruit and veggies, it’s easier for your body to digest.

That all being said…continue eating fiber. Don’t make juicing your only intake. Keep your blood sugar levels in check – balance the fruits & veggies in your juice!

This Green Fighting Machine is the perfect blend to protect your children from cold & flu season.

Also – PSA vaccinate your kids; there’s no substitute. 


  • 1 Zucchini
  • 1 Cucumber
  • 2 Green Apples
  • 1 Kiwi
  • 6 Kale leaves
  • 1 Celery stick

Process through juicer and serve over ice 🙂

28 things I wish I knew

In September, I’ll be turning 28. Birthdays are starting to feel a bit different now. I’m not dreading them, but time is feels like it is just slipping, and I feel older lately. Chat with a person in their 40s and 50s and they will laugh, saying oh, you have so much time dear. You have so much life to live. And it’s true, I do. I know and appreciate that, but I can’t help but feeling like my real youth is slipping away, like I am now 100% in adulthood. And although adulthood has its pros and cons like any other stage in life, there are a lot of things I wish I knew in my early 20s. But with that being said, you have to live to get there. You only know these things after the fact. You only know these things when you live and grow as a human being. But when I was younger, I loved reading these types of blog posts because I loved tapping into other people’s brains and seeing things from other perspectives.

I wish I knew..

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february detox | a month of soul-searching & cleansing

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetProcessed with VSCO with a6 preset

I am so very excited to share about a huge cleanse I will be doing for the month of February, cheating, if you will, because February only has 28 days, but I will be doing a rest & retreat for a month that includes all things related to re-centering myself, finding focus on things that matter the most to me, indulging in new projects & hobbies, reconnecting deeply with loved ones, focusing more on my nursing passion, and to practice present awareness with my son. This means I will be completely disconnecting myself from social media (Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook – see ya!). I will continue to write in my blog because this is my space, for me. There isn’t any expectation that any one may read it, which is what I love (but if do you care to follow along, please subscribe! I’d be happy to hear feedback & comments – it’s always a pleasure!) This month, I am stepping away from number of likes. I’m stepping away from refreshing the Facebook app over and over. I’m stepping away from everyone else’s life to focus on my life. For me (well duh it’s obvi for me haha). I’m calling February my month to soul-search and cleanse my soul. I’m even considering doing Whole 30 (+ wine). Adding that to my workouts, this lady may just have a hot bod by the summer 🙂 Continue reading february detox | a month of soul-searching & cleansing